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08:24pm 03/09/2006
  I've just created another LJ for my art, and hopefully will have the motivation to update it more than once in a sapphire moon. Go visit http://aquariann.livejournal.com pretty please.  
art is why i get up in the morning   
09:02pm 26/02/2006
mood: accomplished
Last night was the Art Guild's first art reception. Although I didn't join until last night, they invited me to participate since I was part of their sidewalk art show last summer. I had no idea what to expect...and all morning, the butterflies in my chest kept running kamakaze into my heart. The show turned out wonderfully, though, and I'm glad I made myself sign up for the exposure. Each artist had about three feet of horizontal space to hang their work on wire panels, and there were at least twenty artists there. I brought along four of my framed originals, and set up a small table in front of my work with business cards, greeting cards, and prints. My work always stands out a bit in my town, as a vast majority of the artists paint boats, lighthouses, etc...but I didn't feel too terribly out of place. At times the place was so packed that I could barely breathe, but several people still stopped to say sweet things about my work. I also had the good luck to set up next to an extremely nice artist, so we talked to each other when neither of us had browsers. The two hours flew by a lot faster than I thought they would. It was lovely, indeed. I just wish I had photographs to share. :(
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you were laying on the carpet like you're satin in a coffin   
07:46pm 11/07/2005
mood: sore

I temporarily crippled myself yesterday, and I've no idea why. I was merely taking a shower and I bent down to wash my feet like I do EVERY DAY, and this terrible pain shot through my lower back so fast that my knees buckled and I nearly fell. Then the world started going black and the sound of water drizzled away, so somewhere in my fuzzy mind, I decided maybe I should sit down, in case I black out completely and then fall and hit my head and die. Then once I'm down there, my even fuzzier mind decides that maybe now I'll black out and drown instead of just blacking out and smashing my head open, so maybe I should turn the water off. The world seems to be returning, but what if there's something seriously wrong with me and since I locked the bathroom door, calling my mom will do nothing but make her frantic. So somehow I stumble out of the tub, grab a towel, open the door, and collapse on the carpet outside, where my mom is already freaking out because I knocked over most of my shampoo and made a horrible racket. I just layed there for several minutes until the world unblurred itself. However, the rest of the day I was mainly okay sitting but when I tried to stand up and walk around, my back hurt so so bad. Luckily, it's much better today after many pills and heat packs, so I guess I'm okay. I must be getting old. Le sigh.
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such a lovely place   
10:28pm 05/07/2005
mood: mellow
Oh dearie my, I've been back from California for over a week now. Anyone bored to tears of me proclaiming how fast time flies yet? :o

Anyway, the rest of my week was absolutely wonderful. I spent a lot of time in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, just staring in wonder at all the sites and people and architecture and flowers and stores. Renae had to work Monday-Wednesday, so I was pretty much on my own during the day. Monday I braved the bus system all alone (well, except that I called Renae between each transfer to make sure I was going the right way...she's so much better than a map) to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was glorious. There were so many buildings full of so much astounding art. The neatest building was the Japanese Art building, you started at the top and spiraled down. Then I went through the Contemporary art building which was quite entertaining, and then through the European Paintings and Sculpture which was too beautiful for words. I've seen so many of the paintings in Art History books, but they don't compare at all to actually standing in front of a piece and seeing the brush strokes and the colors and such. Dah, I am such an art nerd. Yay.

Thursday I went to Renae's show and it was really cool. The Beverly Hilton was huge. The bathroom alone was bigger than the bottom floor of my house. Dinner was really good...and Renae's boss bought us lots of wine, so that made it even better. The runway show was neat, too...each designer had three-four models flaunting their outfits and there were some gorgeous designs. I'm no expert at fashion, but it seemed rather professional.

Saturday was definitely the best day...Renae and I took the ferry to Catalina Island. On the way over, we stayed in the Captain's room and pretended to drive the boat. Well, we weren't actually allowed to touch the controls...but we did get to sit in his chair and tell him to call traffic control and then were supposed to keep track of the EBL line so we didn't collide with any other boats. We saw so many dolphins. And the island was so so so so so beautiful. We rented bikes because we're not 25 and not cool enough to rent golf carts, but that was way nice, too. I just can't get over how pretty the island was...or Marina Del Rey and the rest of what I saw of California, for that matter. Lovely! I cannot wait to go back.
take my picture by the pool   
09:10pm 19/06/2005
  I'm in California, visiting the lovely Renae Abbate! I slept maybe an hour the night before as most of Friday afternoon I was in the hospital waiting for Jenny to give birth to the gorgeous Kaliah Rose (congratulations, darling!!), then I had to pack and finish coloring a butterfly for Renae's graduation present. Plus, I had to get up at 1:30 to take a shower and pour myself in the car. My plane left BWI at 6:30 in the morning yesterday, and thanks to the brilliant time difference, I arrived at LAX at 11:30. I had a layover in Atlanta (don't ask me how I ended up in that evil airport, when it's not even on the way to my destination) and then I had a window seat on the way to Los Angeles. The earth really does look perfect from far away. It's full of such neat designs, especially over the desert where there's not much but land and lines.

Anyway, what a full, splendid day it was after I landed! Renae lives in Marina Del Rey, so we took the bus there to drop my stuff off and then went walking to Venice Beach to eat lunch outside at a mexican restaurant. The architecture is so different here and there are flowers everywhere. It's so pretty, and the weather is so nice...not humid at all and I haven't seen a mosquito yet. After eating, we took another bus to Santa Monica and went to a bead show so she could look for jewelry for her models for her portfolio fashion show. It was inside these huge white tents and there was strings of beads and all sort of neat jewelry everywhere. Everything was so sparkly. I was practically drooling. I bought a strand of glittery square beads, plus two glass jar beads with japanese style birds and flowers painted on them. Then we walked down to the beach and around on the boardwalk. We rode the ferris wheel, and the view was absolutely amazing. Then we walked down the Promenade and looked at all the neat shops. She showed me the coolest thrift store ever, named Wasteland, which was nothing like any I've ever been in before. Wow, I love it here and I've only been here a day.

Right now I'm at Renae's school, while she's finishing up some stuff for her portfolio. She showed me her resort wear that she designed and it's beautiful. The fabric is mostly tropical and flowery and she hand beaded accents on it. Her show is going to be awesome, that's Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel. I probably won't be around another computer until I get home, so I'll write again next week and babble about the rest of the seven days I have left. Have a lovely week, all!
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smooth criminal   
07:57pm 13/06/2005
  I won a $1 today. Tee hee. My office had a pool if Jacko was guilty or not guilty, and I figured if OJ could get off, so could MJ, regardless if he's guilty or not. The office was split nearly in half on the decision, so I got my dollar back, plus someone else's. Now I'm rich.

In other news, it hurts to raise my arms. My shirt betrayed me and moved over so my shoulders could get beaten up by the sun. Owww.
she dives for shells   
07:27pm 11/06/2005
  I really must update more. Oh dear, so much time, so little to tell...strike that, reverse it.

I just got back from participating in my first art fair! Yay. I just kind of fell into signing up, as I've fancied participating in one since last summer, but I didn't have the guts and didn't think I had enough work yet. I designed a website for a coworker and as part of the payment, he got me an exhibit space at the first ever semi-annual Milton Sidewalk Art Show.

For my quite low budget, I was very proud of my space. For decorations, I bought three purple sheers to hang on the back and four strands of purple flowers. I found this awesome shiny gray green fabric to cover my tables for only $1.00 a yard. I also bought several pretty plate stands to hold my 8x10 and 5x7 prints, all from the glorious Dollar Express. Oh, how I love dollar stores where everything is only one dollar. I also had three easels where I set up three of my originals. And I made lots and lots of blank note cards to sell, to which I deleriously added glitter and tyed yarn around the middle. I made 60 business cards, too, which I glittered to death. Mwa ha ha to all the people that took one and now have glitter in their pockets.

Anyway, being the social butterfly I am, I was quite nervous this morning, but it quickly passed once I actually got there. The artists around me were extremely nice and helpful. It was a nice spot to be, too...it was in the parking lot across the library, and the sidewalk runs by the water so there was a nice breeze. It was still utterly hot and like whoa did I need another shower by the end, but I'm not complaining because there was no drop of rain and no storm to blow my canopy over. Plus, everyone that came in to look at my work was very flattering. A bunch of coworkers came to see me, too, so that rocked.

Plus, I got to stare at Tina Love all day, as I wanted to sketch when there was no one around and I have this absolutely gorgeous picture of her that was begging to be given wings.

Eeee, what a lovely experience! I didn't make hordes and hordes of money, but I did make enough off selling a dozen cards and a few prints to participate in another one and actually pay the exhibit fee myself, so yay. Also, for those who missed my first show, here's my space before it officially began at nine this morning...

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merrily merrily merrily...   
08:43pm 31/03/2005
mood: grateful
I had such a lovely package waiting for me when I got home today. Twas the marvelous green-haired, violet-eyed elf Verdaline that Michelle Duffy offered to send me out of the blue. I thought she was pretty on screen, but the original painting is just gorgeous. Thank you, sweetie. She shall look perfect on my studio wall. If anyone wishes to see her, go check out Michelle's amazing art.

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shut up I'm fine, just give me some more wine   
11:10pm 22/10/2004
mood: giggly
Went to my first ever wine tasting today. It was at Teller Wines, which is about three buildings down from the Gazette, and yet somehow I'd never even realized it was there. In celebration of Oktoberfest, they had German beer, wine, and appetizers. Yum. Also, since we left early from work to walk down the street and I had no idea we were going until a half an hour before, I sported my jeans, vans, and Eeyore hoodie. Man, am I classy. *twirls*
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stop right there before i get bitter   
11:09pm 28/09/2004
mood: scared
So, erm, China Garden is out to get me. We got chinese food tonight at work, and my fortune read "We are very happy together." (With those sadistic smiley faces on both sides) Uhm...WE? Me and the fortune cookie? Some unknown stalker? The rest of the people inside my head? I really don't know. Kinda creepy. Last time I had a fortune cookie from that place there wasn't even a fortune inside, so if I suddenly come to my demise, you know why.
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this strange feeling captures us...   
10:42pm 21/09/2004
mood: complacent
I haven't updated in so long. I just never know what to write, since so much happens between entries, and yet...so little. It's almost October and that's crazy. The leaves are starting to change so soon, I'd forgotten how much I missed autumn. I really can't believe I'm entirely done with school. Am I supposed to be in the real world now? I still feel like I'm on vacation or maybe I'm just dreaming.

This weekend I went to the Renaissance Faire in Pennsylvania. It was absolutely lovely. The actors for all the shows were so funny. It was Scottish week, so there were lots of pretty boys in kilts. Next year I want to go during Pirate week. There were plenty of pirates there this time, I can't wait to see how many there are when it's totally devoted to them. :D My mom got stung by a bee during the "Sleepy Pirate" show. It was this lone pirate telling a story and he'd fall asleep in the middle of a sentence and pick the craziest word the audience yelled out to continue the story. Anyway, my mon threw the glass of sangria she was holding when the bee stung her, and we were in the front row, so the pirate stopped to ask her if his story was really that bad. Then we had to go to First Aid, and ended up missing the beginning of the Human Chess tournament. The Jousting tournament was really rad, though. Also, there were such neat stores there full of pretty fairies and dragons and corsettes and so on, and I am such a nerd for all that stuff. I could have spent forever there.
an ape like me can learn to be human too   
03:48pm 17/07/2004
mood: cheerful
Last night Lindsay and I went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Bottle & Cork in Dewey and it rocked my socks off. Or it would have, if I'd been wearing any. :D I don't think I'd ever go back to Dewey or the Bottle & Cork for anything other than a concert, but maybe I just wasn't nearly drunk enough. In any case, the actual band was awesome, once they finally got on stage. They just seemed so happy to be singing and playing instruments. Babppitdeelpidalipitalidmao.

A few weekends ago Lindsay and I also went to another concert at the Baycenter in Dewey. (I really should update this thing more often) It was the Coast to Coast Roast, featuring the Reel Big Fish...and although the first band, Suburban Legend, and Reel Big Fish were rockin, the three bands in the middle ranged from okay to I'd-rather-throw-myself-out-of-the-windows-and-into-the-bay-than-listen-to-much-more. I'd never heard of Suburban Legend, and I'm sure the lead singer was on drugs...but man, was he so animated and hilarious. And all the cute little trumpet players were moving around the stage and flipping and playing chicken and such. I'll have to look into purchasing their cd. And Reel Big Fish were most certainly the best and most fun.

Hmmm. Not very much else has been going on worth telling about. *flutters away*
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it's fun to say berry   
05:44pm 29/05/2004
mood: content
Three day weekend, woo hoo. I'm still a bit amazed that for the first time in my life Memorial Day will actually be considered a holiday and I'll get paid for not working at all. *falls down dead*

So, I went yard saling with my mom today. I got several frames--two unique ones to draw art for and the others to repaint and make pretty. They ranged from a nickel to a quarter each. I also got the cutest Strawberry Shortcake pie pan for only a $1. It shall match all the dolls and the tapes and my shirts and my garbage can and my marker bucket and my glass quite nicely. Also got a tiny cute moon and star dream chest that matches a photo album/frame Lindsay bought me last Christmas quite nicely. And then we went to a strawberry festival, and the craft fair part was dull but the strawberries were DELICIOUS.

We also went to buy tickets to see Hole at the Bottle and Cork on July 2nd. I haven't had the pleasure of being squished into that place with half a gazillion people yet, but it should prove interesting at least. Reel Big Fish and a few other bands will be playing at the Baycenter the following day so if anyone would like to brave Dewey with me on July 4th weekend, CALL ME. :D

Oh, and congratulations to all my friends that graduated from UD today. Hugs to all.
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testing 1-2-3, can anybody hear me?   
07:32pm 21/05/2004

Well, I'm back from oblivion. Last semester was a bit...stressful, for lack of wanting to complain now that IT'S OVER. In fact, I graduated April 24th, with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History, for those who haven't heard from me in eons. My plan (because it seems you HAVE to have one of those after graduating) was to go home and get a summer job, and take web programming classes at Del Tech, to add to the web design knowledge I already have to give me a better chance at finding a job.

So where am I now? Well, I've been home for nearly a month, although it seems more like...hmm...three days? I found a totally unexpected job. YAY FOR ME. :D Twas the first place I applied and the first interview I had, and I've been working there for a week and it is awesome for a first "real" job! I'm working as a graphic artist at the local Cape Gazette newspaper. And okay, it's more production than design work and my teachers at Flagler would probably sneer, but everyone there seems really cool and I get benefits and it's only five-ten minutes away on back roads so I don't have to deal with evil summer tourons at all! We never learned anything about putting newspapers together (except, of course, how to use the design/layout programs) in school, so it's really neat to learn how it's all done. And I'm afternoon shift, so the earliest I have to go in is 10 or 11, and the other days are at 2. The first paper came out today that I actually worked on, and my name is listed in the staff. It was so much fun looking through it and seeing all the ads I worked on and placed. *dances around*

Sadly, I took out my nose stud for the job and my nose now feels naked. It should have been fully healed since I got it pierced back in January, but it obviously wasn't as taking it out for an 8 hour shift made it a bit difficult to get back in. And I didn't want to start the healing process all over again now that I'll want to go swimming and such. I didn't ask the Gazette if I could wear it or not...so maybe after the summer when they know me better, I'll ask and get it repierced. It was so pretty. *sigh*

It's nice being home, in my parent's new house. I thought it would be weird and I'd miss the house I grew up in, but I don't, not really. My room and my closet is just a bit smaller so I still have quite a few things in boxes, both from college and the move. I have a huge overflowing bag of clothes that I don't know what to do with because I'm afraid to hang too many things up, as I broke my closets in my old house and my apartment in St. Augustine...and my mom already broke her closet here. Oops. I need to get it all organized, as I'll probably live at home for at least a year and save up money.

Anyway, I guess I better stop rambling now. Not that I have any big plans for tonight or anything. I've been so busy getting settled in that I really haven't had a chance to bother all my friends still in the area. Plus, most of them are still in school for another week. *snicker* I felt like such the parent tonight. My parents went to a 50's dance, and they got all dressed up and cutesy in their costumes (especially my mom, I helped her make a pink poodle out of felt to sew on a black dress, and she looked ADORABLE with her pony tail, throat scarve, and lettered socks)...and I was the one making them pose for pictures and telling them to have fun. And now I'm here, waiting for them to come home and tell me all about it. :D
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art is why i get up in the morning   
10:57pm 15/08/2003
mood: hot
I *hate* packing.

I wish I could magically vanish anything. Or have Jean Grey's ability to move objects. Or even have one of Hordak's machines in Secret of the Sword where he banished whatever he wanted to some dark abyss. Come to think of it, there was a machine in one of the X-Men Evolution episodes that transported stuff to an alternate dimension. That one would be fine, too.

Going through all of my stuff is just no fun, and nowhere near complete, even though I've been working on it ALL WEEK. And the attic behind my closet door is 100 degrees, crawling with silverfish, and overflowing with random junk from the 80's. ARGH.

Tomorrow I get to wake up at 6 to lug all said stuff to flea market with mi madre. I hopes all the dollars and quarters and dimes add up. :D Then I go back to Florida at 1 in the morning on Sunday. Oh dearie my. I didn't get finished with half of what I wanted to get done, nor did I get to see most of the people I wanted to. :( Although, I did get to see Lindsay and Courtney and Julie, which made me ver happy. And last night Lindsay, her mom, my mom, and I went to the Tokyo Steakhouse where much fun was had. (I'd never been to one before) Our cook was awesome, with the spinning and the flinging and the catching of yummy food. I so would have married him. Maybe.

Okay, I'm going to sleep...but everyone should check out my new gallery at http://aquariann.deviantart.com

DeviantArt is quite addicting. There are so very, very many beautiful artists there that make me emerald with envy. SO GO JOIN.
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but he doesn't know who i am, and he doesn't give a damn about me   
01:50am 09/04/2003
mood: embarrassed
For our final project in Web Design II, we can basically do anything we want in Flash as long as it's interactive. I've decided to attempt creating a simple game, even though my teacher isn't even sure how to go about programming that. So, me and him are trying a tutorial to learn how to keep score and when we finally figure it out, Seth (my teacher) says loudly, "Now you know how to score." And okay, it sounded bad...but I was going to ignore it. Of course, he pauses a moment and then comments that it didn't sound right. *blush* But, whatever, it's Seth and more amusing than embarassing. So a few minutes later some random guy I've never talked to before sits at the computer next to me and goes "So I heard you know how to score." ARGH. I don't even know what I stuttered at him. Grrr.
exotic fish will never be able to walk as long as we live   
12:48pm 05/04/2003
mood: hopeful
Yesh, yesh, I know, I haven't wrote in ages. Exactly 20 days and I shall be on my way home for a couple weeks. Yay for me. I am rather excited for the semester to be over, although I am going to miss my close friends that are going home for the whole summer and also the others that I rarely see except in graphic design classes. But I am getting my own apartment this summer in St. Augustine, so rock on. I also just got an internship at Bizatomic, a small web design company in St. Augustine. I met with them on Thursday, and they were all really rad. They bring their dogs to the office, how lovely is that? :D They also designed 50 cent's web page before he was so famous. So, hopefully I won't make too much of a jerk of myself working for them, as there is much that I've yet to learn. I'm also trying to get a job at Michaels--they're opening a new one in St. Augustine on April 17th. 25% off art supplies would make my year. Wish me luck.

Hmmm. What else to tell? Last week was spring blink. Jenny, Katy, and I went to see Ludacris at the UNF Arena on Friday. How sweet, my first rap concert. It was actually really fun, despite the giant with the afro standing behind me and whirling his shirt "round his head, like a helicopter" and yelling "Luda" every seventeen seconds. Oh, and there were like eight-year old kids there! I almost kept expecting to see that kid that hit on Megan and me at the movie theatre. Ludacris was actually a cutie and put on a pretty good show. Him singing "roll-out" made me all giddy. That's still my favorite song of his. The rest of spring blink was fun, despite the Western Civ term paper I had to write Sunday night. Bleh.

Okay, well, off to the library to print my dandelion project.
put me somewhere I don't wanna be, seeing someplace i don't want to see.   
12:48am 09/03/2003
  Am deeply disturbed right now. Katy and I went over to Stevie Steve's because we heard Meredith was there...and she was, along with a bunch of strange drunken folk. Anyway, this one creepy kid was so drunk that he fell down the stairs. So his friends helped him back upstairs to the couch, and he was screaming and bleeding and carrying on like he needed to be sedated and sent to a mental institution. Needless to say, Katy and I left very quickly, after making sure Meredith was okay.


I was also disturbed last night, but in a much lighter, more amusing way. Megan and I went to see Old School (with our free emergency tickets from last weekend) and as we were waiting for it to start, all these preteens were galavanting around the theatre being buttheads. So one of them asks if they're bothering us. And THEN he comes over and introduces himself. He tells us he's "fif-SIXteen," and after Megan tells him she's 20 and to go away, he tells us he's really 14, but he'll turn 20 in a few months, and besides, he's good in bed. In fact, he's so good in bed, he has girls over all the time, but he might be able to fit us into his schedule. EW, GROSS. He didn't look a day past 10, even in his thugged out, flipped backwards white visor. He started telling us about his "kids"--his friends that are running around, and he tells us about his friend Joey who is 8 and a "p-i-m-p." So he calls his friend over by telling him he's found him a girl, which I'm guessing he was referring to me. Jigga what? Oh, and then...best pick-up line ever..."DO YOU LADIES WANT TO GO SEE JUNGLE BOOK WITH US?" Uhm, no, thanks, I think we'll stay here and see this movie. Oh dearie my, what is this world coming to? Where are their parents? WHO are their parents? So they finally leave us in peace. And Megan and I briefly forget the whole affair when we see that they're making a movie based off of Louis Saccar's HOLES and it's coming out in April. How exciting is that? I think they need to make one out of his Wayside School books, too. That would make my decade. Oh, and Old School was quite hilarious. Never quite realized before how adorable and funny Luke Wilson is. :D Okay, that's enough rambling for the night.
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and i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad   
11:58pm 23/02/2003
mood: melancholy
my new theme song. it makes me shiver.

mad world by gary jules (from the donnie darko soundtrack)

all around me are familiar faces
worn out places
worn out faces

bright and early for the daily races
going nowhere
going nowhere

the tears are filling up their glasses
no expression
no expression

hide my head i wanna drown my sorrow
no tomorrow
no tomorrow

and i find it kinda funny
i find it kinda sad
the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had

i find it hard to tell you
i find it hard to take

when people run in circles it's a very very
mad world...
mad world...

children waiting for the day they feel good
happy birthday
happy birthday

and they feel the way that every child should
sit and listen
sit and listen

went to school and i was very nervous
no one knew me
no one knew me

hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
look right through me
look right through me

and i find it kinda funny
i find it kinda sad
the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had

i find it hard to tell you
i find it hard to take

when people run in circles it's a very very
mad world...
mad world...
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as we get older and stop making sense   
02:18pm 20/02/2003
mood: rushed
Have decided to convince all my teachers that I'm mute so they no longer try to make me speak in class. I can blame it on a freak frisbee accident in the courtyard. Maybe if I draw a picture (influenced by Dubuffet and the art of children, of course) of me getting hit in the neck and mime out the scene, they'll feel sorry for me and disregard all the nonsense I'd sputtered before I lost my voice. Yeah, that could work. I wish I could just stop worrying about public speaking altogether. I know most people probably aren't listening anyway, and even if they are, they'll forget entirely about me in a matter of moments and go back to their own worlds. Something in my brain just clicks off when people try to make me talk and I don't know why. Rawr.

On the unloser part of my life, I won $100!! :) For our first design project, we had to design a poster and a logo for the Florida First Coast 17th Annual Writers' Festival, and FFC chose my logo as their own. I was shocked in class when I was told. There's another Kristin in my class (as always, I will be plagued with the commoness of my name) and at first I thought maybe she mixed us up. But then she described why they liked my design, and it was definitely my design. So my logo is going to be on posters all over Jacksonville and such. I am so thrilled. YAY.
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